I was experimenting with my mind and suddenly I heard a song from the movie "Delhi Belly" The Song was "Tere Siva", and I played this song again. Now, I was imagining a chillum rather than a Girl. Start to end, there were no loopholes in my imagination.

Discover a Home of Peace!

Why we leave our home to travel, why we go to an unknown place, why we pay for the stay ? We do it to Discover Peace. Peace from a regular and monotonous life. Peace from the people, you just know but don't care about. Sometimes peace from yourself. Go, travel and live in Home... Continue Reading →

Destiny of Karma

  I was traveling to Ringus, Rajasthan on my Bike, It was the first ride with my Thunderbird. I wrongly took a road which was out of the way, I took a wrong bridge. But, when I came on that Bridge I saw this view from up there. How one Train path is broken, One... Continue Reading →

Crown Of Jaipur

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan, the largest state of The India. As jaipur has many attractions in it's heart, The Jal Mahal is the one of the most admirable attraction. A palace right in the middle of a Lake. The symmetric construction of this beautiful palace is mind blowing. The sunrise right behind the... Continue Reading →

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