Mohan Singhal,

Mediocre commerce student in school, with Herd mentality and unique financial pressure went to become a CA, without even knowing the ABC of CA.

Mediocre can always reach to middle So, Mohan also did, stuck at final stage,

Somethings are meant to happen to realize the value of other things.

Mohan has realized that he is a traveler or he thinks so. Because, he thinks Traveler is not, who travels the world, carrying a backpack, facing troubles, getting busted, lost on unknown path and roaming in foreign countries. He started Travelling from where he was.

Observing, Learning, Teaching and Making things right, in the path of every step. This is travelling for him. He gets lost in the path of the life. Roaming far distance is just Peace and Photography is a Strong source of expression for Mohan.

He always says and tries to be on it, “Do what you love, Love what you do.”

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