Limits, Borders why there are so many such things on everything. Limit for a joke. Limit of area of a state. Limit of irritating level. Limit to drink. Limit to smoke. Limit to spendings. But there are no limits for somethings. For example Limit of earnings. Limit of studying and lot more. Who has created... Continue Reading →


Peace ☮

This view is from Manikaran Gurudwara Bridge over parvati river. That smoke in left is of hot water spring. It was quite amazing that, water was chilled, but because of some rocks and sulfate under them make water hot as boild water. Hot water is quite soothing when there is ice everywhere.

Mountains of Gold

When we 5 reached there in tosh, we were tired. obviously we were travelling for 27 hours straight not in a luxury SUV but in State Roadways Buses. Ya so finally we reached here Tosh. the best part of tosh is motor vehicles cannot be entered into tosh. You will have to park your vehicle... Continue Reading →

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